Piping for Beginners


Learning to pipe was one of the first things I learnt that really gave me confidence with baking and multiplied my passion and drive, PLUS it makes for a beautiful decorative element to your bakes.

Items I Recommend:

Cake Boss Piping Tips


These were the first tips I purchased and still a favorite today. This pack includes 24 of the most commonly used tips and includes a coupler (for when you want to change piping tips without filling a new bag) and a piping nail (this will help you create those beautiful flowers), as well as a little box to store it all in.

Wilton Piping Bags


These disposable piping bags are a great place to start. They are user friendly and work well with most piping tips.

Basic Piping Instructions:

Make a batch of Buttercream and color as desired.

Cut the tip from one of your piping bags making sure not to cut too much off. I like to double check by just testing the tip to see if fits well.

Fill your piping bag up 3/4 full with icing. Twist the end of the of the bag to stop icing leaking out.

Keeping your hands toward the end of the bag and evenly apply pressure to push the icing from the nozzle. Keep your hands steady, and create a masterpiece!

There is no quick way to get it perfect, all i can recommend is practice, practice, practice! And most importantly, have fun!

B x