8 ways to get money.. QUICK

We’ve all been in a situation where cash is tight, and as a perpetually broke person myself, I have learnt a few tricks to increase my cash flow at short notice.


Remember those ugly earrings Aunt Mavis gave you for Christmas? That modem you never use any more? What about that that dress your second cousin bought you for your birthday that you’ve never worn (and never will)?

Gumtree, eBay and those Facebook buy/swap/sell groups in your area are a great way to get some extra cash selling the unwanted stuff around your house. Gumtree and Facebook will not charge any fees.


Air Tasker is a brilliant service which allows you to earn up to 5k per month by completing a task. There is a small fee (which covers your insurance) for this easy to use service. There are hundreds of tasks from home based cleaning and handy work to graphic design and office tasks.


Get paid for telling people about your experience. These usually take 1-2 hours and pay anywhere from $50 to $300 per session.


This is a fantastic way to make extra cash. Do you know an elderly or immobile person who would love some odd jobs done around the place? This is a great opportunity to ask whether you can mow their lawn, help with house cleaning etc. You can even print off a small flier and drop in around your local neighbourhood.


Being a mystery shopper involves you entering a certain store at a certain time and completing a questionnaire about your experience. For example, you might go to HiFi store to ask about a particular stereo. Payments around $10-$50 per shop.


Are you a great painter? Can you sew? Etsy is a wonderful little space on the web where you can sell your homemade wares all over the world. Whether it’s Jewelly, clothing or prettyI have turned cross stitching in front of the tv into a nice little side hustle.


Having a spare room (or two) can come in handy for short term rentals. Even better if you live close to transport and/or tourism attractions. You can let your home on Air BNB for extra cash. Take a couple of nice pictures and off you go!


Uber is a fantastic way to earn extra dough when times are tough, all you need is a car and valid license. After completing your application, log into the app and drive that casj into your bank account (pun intended)

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