Review- Fashion Nova

Credit: Instagram

I, like many others, love looking for fashion trends on Instagram. And if this is you too, I’m sure you’re well aware of Fashion Nova. Spruiked by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna  their clothing appears to be fashionable and affordable. Whats not to love? Well…


Their website, in short, is frustrating. There is no ability to filter your results, so you literally spend hours going through each page of items. I suppose this is probably exactly what they want, like when supermarkets put milk at the back of the store so you have to go through aisles of stuff to get there. But still, if other online retailers can do it, I see no reason why Fashion Nova shouldn’t make their page user friendly.


This was probably the easiest part. I placed my order, disappointed I wasn’t able to use PayPal for buyer protection. I quickly received confirmation of my order.

Cute, right?


Finally my items came. I raced home to open my package. I opened the outer packaging and laid out my new tracksuit on the bench, beaming.

‘Whats is that? Is that meant to be there?’ my partner asked, pointing to the pants.

I looked. I saw a cut across the leg of the pants. I was immediately upset. I took some photos and emailed them to Fashion Nova.


I took a photo, I emailed it to them right away. I just asked for another pair to be sent.

Four days later, I finally got a response. They wanted me to ship the item back, internationally with tracking, at my own cost. I said I thought that was silly.

I asked again. I was told they’d give me a credit note, so I could rebuy the item. That would be great, only they wanted to charge me another $25 for the postage.

When I queried why I should be out of pocket $25 for their mistake, I got no response. I emailed again. They are sorry apparently, but refuse to help.

Now let me make this clear, the cost to Fashion Nova for postage isn’t $25. They will have a trade account with their shipping company meaning that because they send so many things, their rates will be highly discounted. Shipping is just another way for them to make money. So yes, I absolutely resent paying $25 shipping to make them more money for shipping damaged items.

So I’ve now paid $28.00 USD for a useless outfit that was thrown in the bin. I bet you can tell that I’m stoked.



A huge disappointment. Would never, ever bother to shop there again and would encourage all international customers to do the same, at least until they change their returns process. They have no concept of customer service and despite me trying multiple times to find a resolution, I found none that didn’t involve me spending more money. When I’ve had such ease with dealing with Boohoo, Asos, The Iconic and Pretty Little Thing, the last site you will see in my history is Fashion Nova.

B x

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