Ikea Muffin Mix (Muffinsmix Choklad)


Over the long weekend we made a trip to our Local Ikea and while perusing the aisles of the Swedish grocery section (my hands down, favorite thing about Ikea) I came across some pre-made muffin mix and thought I’d give it ago.

After reading the back of the packaging, I stopped dead in my tracks.

‘Easy to make muffins. Add hot water directly into the package, shake, pour the mixture into baking cups, and bake in the oven. Play around by adding pieces of chocolate, berries etc to the mixture before baking. Garnish when finished if you like’

Just add water? Okay, that sounds easy as pie (or muffin, in this case)


I added my hot water into the carton as instructed, and shook vigorously for 30 seconds. At this point I will note that its pretty awkward holding the flaps closed while shaking the mixture. It also needed a good few shakes more as I spotted some lumps when I took a peek.

I half filled my cupcake liners and popped them in the oven. I was stoked at this point to realize that I had zero cleaning up to do after they were in the oven, and considering my kitchen is usually so messy it looks like I’ve tried to display every kitchen item I own on the counter then splattered it with random bits of food.

Looking pretty standard at this point

I popped them in the oven for 15 minutes (any more and they would have greatly overbaked) and once cooked, this is what they look like:

Mmmmm, Chocolate muffins…

At this point I couldn’t really help myself, I had to taste them. I noticed there were tiny bits of either baking chips or unmixed batter, either way I liked it. All in all these are a great, extremely quick little muffins. I would love to bake these with my nieces and nephews- minimal mess for minimal cleanup!

B x

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