Sunday Routine

Sundays, or the laziest day of the week, is a supposed to be day of rest. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a lazy Sunday. But let me tell you, your week will be much easier with my Sunday Routine.

Here are my tips for a successful Sunday and a smooth week!

Body Prep

I like to start the week feeling my best, and Sunday is the ultimate day for self maintenance. Whether it’s in a hot shower or a long soak in the tub, I start by exfoliating my body all over with Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub or Shea Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub from The Body Shop to remove old skin cells and freshen up my skin.


Once out of the shower, I will either slather on some Palmers Cocoa Butter or apply Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam with a mit, depending on how bronzed I want to be.


Next, I check my mani and pedi and make sure they’re still looking fly. I hate seeing chipped or dirty nails, so I like to make sure mine are always nice. If I’m not feeling a colour fancy, I’ll pop a quick coat of clear over the top just to give it a bit of ooomph.


Face Prep

Firstly, and I know this is a controversial one, I dry razor my face. This isn’t for everyone, I get it, but it works for me. If you would like a tutorial, I recommend this one.


Next I will exfoliate and cleanse my face, making sure I don’t forget about my lips. I then apply a moisturising lip balm like Nivea Macadamia & Vanilla Lip Butter, to make sure my kissers are lovely and soft.


I like to use Biore Face and Nose Pore Strips once a week to remove any stubborn blackheads, oil and dirt and make sure my complexion is as even as possible. Please use responsibly, these type of strips if not used as directed can cause problems.


I apply a generous coat of Healthy Care Gold Flake Anti-Aging Face Serum into my skin.  Serums are a recent discovery for me, and are beneficial based on their ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than your regular moisturiser and packs a punch of active ingredients. This is due to the molecular makeup of the product and you’ll find many professionals who will sing it’s benefits. Finally, I complete my routine with a rich moisturiser. I will come completely clean and say I don’t have a go to moisturiser, but this post has some great products.


Outfit Prep

There are few things I dislike more than getting up on a cold morning and fussing around my closet for an outfit for work. Unfortunately, my dreams of having a Cher Horowitz closet never came to fruition (feel free to sob along with me).  I got tired of wearing the same outfit once a week or not dressing properly for the weather or my schedule that day.  So I decided to make a change.


Each Sunday I put on a cool podcast (Bitch Sesh is my ultimate fave), open the weeks weather prediction and put outfits together. Not only does this make my mornings infinitely less stressful, it frees up so much time and I leave the house every day feeling like I’m going to slay the day away in my cute outfit.

Mind Prep

Now is the time to take your planner, phone or even just a little notepad and write down a To-Do List for the week. Whether its calling your grandmother, paying that bill or picking up the dry cleaning, this ensures you are completely in control of what you’re accomplishing this week. Try to set a date and time to tick off each task, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with clearing your list.

Enjoy your week, babes!

B x


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